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The EMU Alignment Project is organized around the need of locating each of the 360 endcap cathode strip chambers (CSC) w.r.t. the Tracking System. It is part of the overall Muon Alignment effort, which also includes the Barrel Muon Alignment and the Link System.

General  Description of the Project DCOPS Sensors COCOA Software Implementation for EMU [html link]

ORCA Modifications For CSC Misalignment Studies in the Endcap [html link]

ORCA Software Help Pages [html link]

"Simulation and Study of the CMS Endcap Alignment Scheme"
     R. Lee, Purdue Univ., PhD Thesis
     [MS Word Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, References, Vita, Appendix A]  [.pdf]

Recent CMS Notes from the EMU Alignment Group

COPS Embedded Software (by Yevgeniy Orishchin) [html link]

EMU Alignment Drawings [.xls file]

EMU Alignment Database [.xls file]

EMU Alignment Aperture ME1-3SLM[.xls file],  SLM ReV4-16[.xls file],  XFER line[.xls file]

Readout System

DAQ for SLM and ISR Test [html link]

ISR2000 Test [html link]

FNAL2001 Test [html link]
         Profile of Diode Concepts Crosshair Laser (FAY-PC7-14) with 45 degree optics at 18m  [.pdf]

CMS Alignment DAQ Development (by Evgeniy Sharapov) [html link]

WBS-Tasks-Safty-Survey-Scehdule-Installation issues:
    WBS [.mpp file] , Tasks[Word .doc file]Safety [Word .doc file]Survey [Word .doc file] ,
       Schedule [Word .doc file] , Installation [Word .doc file]

Talks and Reviews [html link]   <-- Updated (Feb. 25th, 2002, with EDR2002  talks)!!

EMU Alignment meeting Minutes (1999)  [html link]

EMU Alignment Web at NEU [html link]

EMU Alignment people information    [html link]

EMU Alignment People, Snapshot in Year 2000 with FTE infor.  [Word .doc file]

Links to the Other Alignment Pages:

CMS Muon Alignment home page
Barrel Alignment System
Link Alignment System
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