Southern Survey Proposals

Taken from the mailing lists Feb 19 2002.
Updated by RHL, Oct 24 2003.

MS Turnoff Rockosi 3 tiles, 3-6 plates/tile thick disk study Kinematics of Main-Sequence Turnoff Stars in the Southern Survey
Thin/Thick Disk Munn 3 tiles, 5 plates/tile thick disk study Kinematics of The Thick and Thin Disks
F star Yanny 5 plates, long exposure halo study Southern Survey Extra F star Plate proposal
Variability Anderson 2/sq-deg, 12/sq-degree variability of stars TIME-DOMAIN SERENDIPITY IN THE SOUTHERN SURVEY
Red Star Knapp 20/sq-degree very cool, very red stars SPECTROSCOPY OF FAINT RED STARS
LF and CF Richards 70/sq-dgree LF and Alcock-Paczynski The Luminosity Function and Spatial Correlation of Faint Quasars
Varibilty vanden Berk 2 plates 5-10 obs/season variability of qsos Spectroscopic Monitoring of Quasars and AGN in the SDSS Southern Survey
Everything Strauss 20 tiles, 7-8 plates/tile explore the stellar locus The Completeness of the SDSS Quasar Sample
2 tiles, 20 plates/tile
Rotation Curves Gunn 53 tiles, 4 plates/tile rotation curves @1-2 r_e ROTATION VELOCITIES FOR SDSS GALAXIES (Or here as bad pdf).
long exposure
Integrated Sp Heckman 9 plates, 7.5 hours/plate examine aperture bias Integrated Spectra of SDSS Galaxies (Or here as bad pdf).
Complete Tile Eisenstien 20/sq-degree complete the sample A Complete Sample of SDSS Tiled Targets (Or here as bad pdf).
Multi-Wave Baldry 60/sq-degree complete to multi-bands Multi-Wavelength Completeness in the Southern Spectroscopic Survey (Or here as bad pdf).
15/sq-degree long exposure
25/sq-degree after Galex map
Low-z Annis 100/sq-degree,long exposure complete to low redshift A Low Redshift Galaxy Survey (Or here as bad pdf).
Perseus Kent 12x12 degrees imaging study a nearby cluster Abell 426
30 plates (good location in sky)
M31 Annis 15x3 degrees imaging study a nearby galaxy A Wide Field Survey of M31 (Or here as bad pdf).
2 plates (good location in sky)
Deep LRG Eisenstein 12/sq-degree,long exposure better spectra on LRG Deeper Spectroscopic Exposures of Luminous Red Galaxies (Or here as bad pdf).
DeepWide/Virmos Eisenstein 6x3 degrees imaging map other survey areas SDSS Observations of the NOAO Deep/Wide Survey and VIRMOS Fields (Or here as bad pdf).
Low-z Bahcall 100/sq-degree,long exposure complete to low redshift Spectroscopy of nearby galaxies to faint magnitudes
Sp in Clusters Bahcall 5-15/sq-degree 1-2 z/cluster to z=0.4 Spectroscopy of all rich clusters (their BCG and few other) to z ~ 0.5
1000 BCG Annis 5/sq-degree,long exposure photo-z at 0.4 <= z <= 0.7 1000 BCGs at 0.4 < z < 0.7 (Or here as bad pdf).
Integral Field Unit Szalay 200 hours of grey time IFU of galaxies and hi-z clusters An Integral Field Unit for the Southern Survey