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Minos Production Event Reconstruction System


Minos Production Event Reconstruction System

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The Fermilab Fixed Target Farm






Farming Status


  • Status Page   Current status of the MINOS batch processing at FNAL



Release 1.5 Reconstruction




Release 1.0 Reconstruction




Release 0.20.0 Reconstruction




Release 0.8.0 Reconstruction




Production Data Processing Parallel Session (U of M Meeting)


  • Introduction  Overview of the project by Jon Urheim (ppt)
  • Infrastructure  Plans for the Farm Processing Infrastructure by Alex Sousa (ppt)
  • Benchmarking  Benchmarking of the MINOS Offline Software by Roy Lee (pdf)
  • Calibration Constants  Status Update on Calculation of Calibration Constants by Jim Musser (ppt)
  • CalDet  Numbers from Mike Kordosky on the CalDet run, by Jon Urheim (ps)
  • Plenary Summary  Sunday Summary by Jon Urheim (ppt)



Useful Links


  • Enstore  Fermilab Mass Storage System Page
  • FBSNG  Farm Batch System Next Generation page
  • NGOP  Next Generation Operations Monitoring Tools
  • MC files  Pat Ward's MC files page at Cambridge




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