E853 volume channeling effectsupdated Apr 11, 2016  D. Carrigan carrigan@fnal.gov (subject line must be sensible)

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In the Tevaron extraction experiment E853 normal extraction did not see whole arc (volume channeling) effects. This was because one needed a kick almost equal to the whole bend for extraction.

E853 did have interaction counters. The "kick" requirements for the interaction counters were much less stringent. Indeed, they were like the later Tevatron collimation experiment. The interaction
counters (so-called U counters) often drifted, and were typically ignored.

The figure to the left is a selected data set. This is bad science but there was also a wide variety of running conditions so all distributions were not necessarily on the same footing. The shoulder on the left of the figure is very weak evidence for a whole arc effect.

Note that the more negative angle is the convex side, the volume reflection side.

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