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A project is now underway at Fermilab studying the use of bent crystals to improve collimation of the circulating proton beam in the Tevatron.  Nikolai Mokhov and Dean Still are now leading a group at Fermilab to study this at the Fermilab Tevatron. Others involved include V. Shiltzev, T. Johnson, J. Annala, R. Reilly, and D. Carrigan.

More information on the work of Still's group is available at the Tevatron crystal collimation link. A talk by V. Shiltsev at Kyoto 2010 and the accompanying paper give a recent update.
Dean Still presented an update at Channeling 2010.

Crystal collimation history

  • Mokhov and others develop crystal collimation ideas for the SSC (~1991)
  • some work on collimation during the E853 Tevatron crystal extraction study (~ 1996)
  • Brookhaven studies crystal collimation geometry at RHIC (~2004)
  • CERN pushes studies for crystal collimation and the important subject of volume reflection in two areas - in the secondary beams H4 and H8 and at the SPS (2005-2010)
  • Fermilab studies crystal collimation in the Tevatron using channeling and volume reflection with single and multi crystal geometries (2005-2010)
Crystal location in Tevatron
multi-strip crystal
Crystal Location in
Tevatron at E0 straight section (Mokhov, Drozhdin, Fliller)

Ferrara Multi-strip crystal array - 2010