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Channeling Formulary

Adv. Accel. Infrared/Dyson
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First extraction at

Extracted beam

Images of the extracted beam during the first E853 observation of 900 GeV channeling extraction. In this series the vertical deflection magnet was swept up through a 230 mrad scan, from 130 mrad below the channeling peak to 100 mrad above the peak. Notice that the main extracted beam spot moves up following the crystal orientation. The spot is brightest at the best alignment. The length of the dechanneling tail grows because the beam spot moves up and the Lambertson magnet aperture eclipses less of it. For scale, the width of the dechanneling tail is 3 mm.

E853 successes

  • extracted significan beams from the Teavatron in parasitic, kicked and RF stimulated modes
  • first-ever luminosity-driven extraction
  • highest energy particle channeling prior to the LHC
  • useful collimation studies
  • extensive information on time-dependent behavior
  • very robust