Accelerators  updated February 10, 2016  D. Carrigan (subject line must be sensible)

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After World War II a new set of accelerators came on line including the Chicago synchrocyclotron. The control room is shown on the right with Enrico Fermi at the console. In just twenty-five years this family of accelerators had developed into the powerful particle accelerator complex shown below at Fermilab. At the peak the Fermilab Tevatron generated collisions of one TeV protons and antiprotons.

The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) spanning the Swiss-French border is now in operation. That machine is seven times more powerful than Fermilab was. The magnet is shown in cross section in the lower right panel.

Future accelerators beyond the LHC will be a substantial challenge for the remaining part of our 100 years.
LHC cross section