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Tape robot

The picture shows the old Fermilab tape robot. The new robot stores much more data but  does not have the look of science fiction.

Size of some databases (see Michael Lesk)

Old Fermilab  tape robot – 6*106 Gbyte – mostly colliding beam, Monte Carlo.

Sloan Telescope at Fermilab – 10,000 Gbytes (release 3)

Printed material - 10
6 Gbytes of material printed every year.

Human genome
-3 billion DNA base pairs, actual information content is on the order of 0.05
Gbytes (about size of the program Word).

Typical education through graduate school subsumed in 1-10 Gbytes.

Lifetime of images stored on DVD
might be 1000 Gbytes.

Knowledge base in a human brain
- 0.25 to 2.5 Gbyte range (10
11 neurons).

Profile everyone on earth
6*109 people gives 1.5 to 15*109 Gbytes.