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Particle physics (the quarks pillar) and Cosmology (the Big Bang one) are now intricately woven together to describe the origin of the universe. Much of our recent progress in cosmology has come with our increasing power for investigations in space. Space science is one of the fundamental tools of cosmology. Likewise it is a cornerstone of planetary science.

From the forties the history of space has evolved through military rockets like the V2, to the Apollo lunar landing program, to the shuttle with its ability to deploy the Hubble space telescope, to the recent Mars rovers.

In just the last years space science has yielded spectacular results. WMAP has had an enormous impact on cosmology. The Galileo and Cassini spacecrafts have produced important images of Europa and Titan. The Hubble has even shown evidence for an atmosphere on an extrasolar planet.

New space missions now slated promise important results in the next decades. The future in space should be very exciting. In addition, developments in space are linked to all the other pillars of science.