Publishers send completed manuscripts out to reviewers. Here are some selections from those reviews.

The intellectual rigor, and physical insight of the author, are simply sensational. The presentation of most of the material is meticulous, yet interesting. Most sections are exceptionally current. This manuscript is simply a pleasure to read, and I'll keep it on my own shelf indefinitely. There is no other book that competes directly with this one, as far as this reviewer is aware. Chapters 6, 7, and 8, the crux of the book, are particularly superb.

In general, I like the choice of topics and detailed derivations of some of the basic processes which cannot be found in any other textbook and which really make this book a textbook out of which one can actually learn something. Example include detailed derivation of inflationary spectrum, Boltzmann equation etc. Where the derivation is complete the manuscript is great. I also like extensive list of problems at the end of each chapter. This is a great textbook that is long overdue given the importance of the subject. I would choose this as the main text and have Liddle and Lyth as supplementary for my course, given that the coverage of topics is complementary. This text goes in more detail on some derivations, which should be helpful to a first time student.