CMSSW tutorial 07 / 12 / 06

To participate in this tutorial, to be held in the LPC transient area, you will need a UAF account ( We prefer you use your own laptop, but there are 1 public terminals available. Contact the person running the session if you would like to reserve one of these.
participant affiliation Laptop or Terminal
Jason Gilmore Ohio State University Laptop
Kevin Knobbe Ohio State University Laptop
Phillip Killewald Ohio State University Laptop
Grayson Williams Ohio State University Laptop
Hongliang Liu University of California, Riverside Laptop
Malina Kirn University of Maryland - College Park LPC Desktop
Cecilia Gerber University of Illinois at Chicago Laptop
Jason Shaev Johns Hopkins Laptop
Timofey Grechkin Fermilab LPC Desktop
Jeffrey D. Richman University of California Laptop (cable network required)
Adam Everett Purdue University Laptop
Ka Vang Tsang (Patrick) Brown University Laptop
Alice Bean Kansas University Laptop
John Berkowitz Kansas University LPC Desktop
Carl Hinchey Kansas University Laptop
Mikhail Kats Kansas University Laptop
Jim Pivarski Cornell University Laptop
Nhan Tran Johns Hopkins University Laptop
Joel Butler FNAL Laptop
Rachel Wilken University of California Riverside Laptop
Aron Soha University of California, Davis Laptop
Maxwell Chertok University of California, Davis Laptop
Evan K. Friis University of California, Davis Laptop
Arun Luthra University of California, Riverside LPC Desktop
Vesna Cuplov Purdue University Calumet Laptop
Matt Searle University of California, Davis Laptop
James Dolen University of California, Davis Laptop
Alan L. Stone Fermilab Laptop
Huseyin Topakli University of Cukurova LPC Desktop
Mehmet Vergili University of Cukurova LPC Desktop
Pelin KURT University of Cukurova LPC Desktop
John Forbes Fermilab Laptop
Maximilien Bunce University of Colorado Laptop
Igor Volobouev Texas Tech University Laptop
Yujun Wu Fermilab Laptop
Alison Lister Fermilab Laptop
Mark Neubauer University of California, San Diego Laptop
Chi-Nhan Nguyen Texas University Laptop
Adam Aurisano unknown LPC Desktop
Heejong Kim unknown LPC Desktop


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