Geralyn (Sam) Zeller




About Me



I am currently a physicist at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and co-spokesperson of the MicroBooNE experiment.
I am also a member of the ArgoNeuT (T962), LBNE, MiniBooNE (E898), NuTeV (E815), and SciBooNE (E954) collaborations.

I formerly worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory and was a postdoc with Columbia University. I obtained my Ph.D. from Northwestern Univerity (thesis advisor: Prof. Heidi Schellman). The subject of my doctoral thesis was a "Precision Measurement of the Electroweak Mixing Angle in Neutrino-Nucleon Deep Inelastic Scattering" at the NuTeV experiment.

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My amazing postdocs:

Roberto Acciarri

Anne Schukraft

Email: gzeller(AT)