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Fuel Economy (MPG)

Comparing fuel economy for the BMW 328xi (red), BMW 323ci (green), Subaru WRX (pink), Nissan 300ZX (navy), and Nissan Rogue (yellow).

Touring the Lamborghini and Ferrari factories near Bologna, Italy (May 2012)

Chicago Auto Show (Feb 2012)

Concours d'Elegance car show in Geneva (August 2007)

Chris stores his fancy Dodge Charger (and himself) in Geneva (June 2007). His car barely fit into my garage

Photos from the 2007 Chicago Auto Show:

me and my Dad in a car I don't remember

me in front of the rally version of the Subaru WRX

Photos from the 2004 Chicago Auto Show:

Me and my mom in an Audi TT. My mom couldn't be happier.

Jeep Rescue concept car. It wasn't worth being this excited.

No, this is not my car, but the Audi dealer let me dance by it nonetheless.

1993 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo with T-top

Magnum PI Ferrari (not mine and I didn't get to drive)

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