One Sheet Summary

Control Stack 4 Boards

The Control Cable interconnet boards are similar to the PP1 nine (9) channel boards. They have a female and male connector allowing connections between the detector cables and the power supply cables. Each section or group of 9 channels will be made-up of three channel and single channel PCBs. The exact arrangement is described by document 'Control_dist_v1.13.xls'
  • A typical arrangement will have a three channel section on the top and bottom position with single channel sections in the middle.
  • Channels have one of two connector types, FM7W2 and FM27W2.
  • The types are labeled Type A1, A2, B1 and B2. Type A2 uses FM7W2 connectors and type A1 is a single channel version. Type B2 uses the FW27W2 connectors and B1 is a single channels version.
  • The channels have surface mount resistors used to make/break the drain connections.

  • Type A1
    Type A2
    Type B1
    Type B2
    Layers 3 & 5 are identical plane layers and layers 4 & 6 are identical. These layers keeps the resistance low between the two connectors.