One Sheet Summary

g-2 Coil Board Driver

Four Channel +/-2Amp Current Driver
g-2 Coil Driver Card
    VME Style 6U 160x233mm 8H (double wide cards)
    4 channels with +/- 2Amp current source out of each channel
    Powered by +5V, +12V, -12V from J2 back plane
    Each channel will have its own +/-12V power connection. This will allow the current of 2.5 Amps to be shared by two pins.
    Each channel will be fused
    Front panel will have LED indicators for power, +/-12V and +5V, over temperature indicator.
    Remote/Local switch
    Remote control, DAC to set output current, ADC to readback current setting, temperature sensors on each heatsink.
    Local control from Front with multi-turn pot to set the output current, test points to read output current level.
    Current output connections are on front panel D-sub9 pin rating 3 amp min.

    On power-up in Local control position the outputs are disabled and a momentary push button must be pushed to enable output current.

    Software could follow the output current set locally and set the DAC to reflex that value. This will
    prevent a change in output level when the switch is returned to the remote position.
g-2 Controller  Card
    Beaglebone single board computer.
    Has Internet connection
    Has I2C bus for DAC, ADC and Temperature readback
    Digital I/O lines for board select
            4 Address line bused to all cards.