David L. Huffman

The Clean AC distribution box is centrally located at each set of Preamp boxes. It is used to power the Rack Monitor Chassis and fans associated with the Preamp Box. It has three duplex outlets on the front and three on the back.
front.gif (17K)FRONT VIEW
back1.gif (19K)BACK VIEW
The outlets can provide 5Amps with push-to-reset breakers on the front panel. The chassis is powered by the distribution system in the PW06. Flexible cables run from PW07 up to a set of five(5) 208VAC plugs. The Isolation chassis plugs into the center plug.

Rack View

Below is a picture of one of the receptacle distributions in the Preamp Area.
Note: that the AC Chassis is not visible.

preampacrecept.jpg (83K)