General Description

Rack AC Power Distribution Chassis

David L. Huffman

In general each system of racks on the Platform will require AC power for the installed electronics. This distribution is typical of the Calorimeter 'Three Rack System' but is also used in other installations.

The Power Distribution Chassis provides this requirement by dividing a 208VAC three phase 60Amp service into three 20Amp outlets along with several 120VAC single phase outlets. The three phase outlets are used by power supplies. The 120VAC outlets are used by the various system within the rack. Standard rack protection systems such as Rack Monitor Interface chassis, water solenoids, air circulation fans and Rack Monitor chassis receive power through this distribution. Some outputs are controlled by solid state relays that can remove power should a water leak be detected. Refer to rack protection system for more details.

pwrdistfront.gif (378K)

The front panel has three breakers for the power supplies, three breakers for each rack fan and RM, one breaker for the input to the isolation transformer and three breakers for each output from the isolation transformer.

pwrdistback.gif (324K)

The rear panel contains the three 20Amp three phase receptacles, six switched 120VAC receptacles and six unswitched outlets and two isolated (Instrument) outputs.