David L. Huffman

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The CETEC1 module is powered by two commercial switching type power supplies (ACDC) housed in a chassis along with associated interfacing circuitry. The AC power is provided by the AC distribution box in the same manner as for the MUON and ADC LVPS.

The interface allows monitoring output voltage and current through the 1553 rack monitor chassis.

The supplies have remote sensing, but the sense wires do not leave the back of the chassis. They are only used to remove the voltage drop across the shunts.

The CETEC output voltage and currents are:

+5V @150 Amps (fused at 150A)
-5.2V @80 Amps
+/-12V @8Amps

The cabling from the LVPS to the crate is done with the following wire sizes:

150 Amp - 2/0 Welding cable
80 Amp - 2 Awg
8 Amps - 12 Awg

Wire runs are approximately six feet in length. (see crate details)

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