David L. Huffman

The CETEC power supply provides four (4) output voltages from two commercial ACAD switching power supplies. The units are packaged together in a chassis that provides computer interfacing for remote control, ON/OFF and analog readback of voltage and current of each output. In addition the temperature of each unit is also monitored. Operation of the chassis requires the following conditions.

  • Connect to AC power.
  • The chassis uses 208VAC 3-phase power. A 20 amp twist-lock cord connection is required.
  • External Interlock signal.
  • A BNC connection on the back panel needs a logic signal of +5V to activate the unit.
  • Remote monitoring via 1553 Rack Monitor Chassis.
  • There are two connections to the Rack Monitor chassis. One is a 9-pin male 'D' type connector that controls the On/Off. The second is a 37-pin 'D' connector that provide the analog information.
  • Local control allows On/Off operation.
  • With the Remote/Local switch in the Local position the supply responds to the switch on the front panel.
  • Remove control allows computer control.
  • When the front panel switch is in the Remote position the On/Off switch will not be active and control is done via the 9-pin connector signal from the Rack Monitor.