Physical location and environment…

The Calorimeter Preamps are located inside the shielding toroid magnet near the top of the cryostat. The magnet's inside dimensions, where the supplies will be operated, form an 18 foot cube as seen in this drawing of the Magnet. A cross section of magnet shows the approximate location of the Preamp Power Supplies. A more detailed view shows the Side Front and Top of the Preamp Box area.
A top view of the Cryostat shows the locations and numbering scheme of the Calorimeter. There are 12 Preamp boxes with 2 Preamp Power Supplies per box. The supplies provide redundancy with one being the primary unit and the other being the secondary unit. A typical arrangement is shown here.

Power distribution is documented here.

The steel shielding chassis is mounted with rails that allow it to slide in and out of its location. The inner supply assemblies are replaced when repairs are needed. The steel boxes can be removed to gain access to the fuse/wiring panel. All connections to and from the supply are made through the slot on the back of the steel box. The connections are Water, AC power, Rack Monitoring (4 ribbon cables), External Interlock and DC output power. The front panel ribbon cable is connected just before the front panel is installed.

The finished supply can be viewed here..
Left Side
Right Side