John Campbell's Homepage

Brief resume

I am a scientist in the Theoretical Physics Department at Fermilab.

Before coming to Fermilab in December 2009, I was a lecturer and research fellow at the University of Glasgow. Whilst there I was a member of the Particle Physics Theory (PPT) group in the Department of Physics & Astronomy.

I took up the position in Glasgow after holding a CERN Fellowship in the Theory Group from October 2004 until March 2006. Prior to that, from August 2001-2004, I held a post-doctoral position in the Theory Group of the High-Energy Physics Division at Argonne National Laboratory.

My career began as a post-doctoral Research Associate at Fermilab. I joined the Fermilab group in September 1998 after completing my graduate studies at the University of Durham, where I worked in the Physics department as a member of the Centre for Particle Theory.

Contact information

Address:Theoretical Physics Department, MS106
Fermilab Telephone: (630) 840 3750
P.O. Box 500 Fax:(630) 840 5435
Batavia, IL 60510 Office:WH3E