Kendall B M Mahn's Home Page

I'm a graduate student in the Columbia University Physics Deparment.

Past and Current Research

In June 2002, I graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a SB. My undergraduate thesis work was done with data from Super-Kamiokande. From September 2002 until June 2003, I worked at KEK on the K2K experiment, specifically with the SciFi group there, while supported as a MIT Japan Program intern. I am now permanently at Fermilab, working on the MiniBooNE experiment, with a particular interest in cross sections.


  • NuFact03 Proceedings (To be published in AIP Conference Proceedings) with M. Sakuda and C. Walter "Low Energy Neutrino Nucleus Interactions"
  • Internal memo for Super-Kamiokande Collaberation "A search for ultra high energy neutrinos from extragalactic sources" 15-07-03 (ps) (pdf)
  • Paper with Mike Shaevitz on reactor and lbl experiment potential, hep-ex/0409028, published in Int. J. Mod. Phys. A, Vol. 21, No. 18 (2006), pp. 3825-3843.


  • Summary talk for Janet Conrad's class "The future of neutrino physics" 5/04 (The class gave talks on different aspects of neutrino physics, and in the final class they decided what was most important to them for the future of neutrino physics) (pdf)
  • Colloquim given at Vassar in 11/04 on neutrino physics. (pdf)
  • General information about how to get into, and survive, graduate school in physics. (I visited Amherst, Smith, Mt Holyoke and Wellsley and gave a talk half on neutrino physics, half on graduate school tips in the fall of 2004)(pdf)
  • Talk on MiniBooNE given at CAM2005, a conference for graduate students (pdf)
  • Poster on low energy cross sections with MiniBooNE, SciBar, given at NuInt05, a neutrino interaction conference (pdf)

    Career information

  • Summary on having a family while remaining in HEP (not yet final version) website
  • Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) Teaching Center website. This has nice resources on teaching, as well as grant writing, and writing tips.


  • 2004-2005 Columbia University Preceptor
  • Volunteer for Fermilab Girl Scout Badge workshop, 11/12/2005
  • Organized (and running) informal Japanese chat club at Fermilab (12:30 Mondays, come hang out in the cafeteria of Wilson Hall!) 11/05-current