Kyle J. Knoepfel


Welcome to my website!  I am a postdoctoral researcher on the CDF experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, where I am searching for the Higgs boson.  My graduate research was done on the BaBar experiment at SLAC in Menlo Park, CA.  In January of 2011, I received my Ph.D. in high-energy physics from the University of Notre Dame.

The contents of this website include my biography (including CV), a description of my present and past research, and various musings about physics found at the “Physics Thoughts” link.

It is my desire that this webpage will be educational and interesting.  Most students are taught one way of approaching a problem; I want to present several.  In particular, I want us to get away from the plug-n-chug method of solving problems, to a more abstract and fundamental approach.  My thoughts about approaching physics can be found in the “Thoughts about Physics” section.  Similarly, an overview of my doctoral research can be found in the “Research” section.

I can be reached at “knoepfel [at] fnal [dot] gov”.