Future Collider Physics Study Group


Coordinator: Ashutosh Kotwal (a)

(a)Fermilab and Duke University
Useful Papers

Higgs mass from compositeness at a multi-TeV scale

Partially Strong WW Scattering (arXiv)

Weak interactions at very high energies: The role of the Higgs-boson mass

Reevaluating the Cosmological Origin of Dark Matter

Searching for Signs of the Second Higgs Doublet

On the effect of resonances in composite Higgs phenomenology

Unveiling the Higgs mechanism to students

The Strongly-Interacting Light Higgs

Discovering Technicolor

Light top partners and precision physics

The Strongly Interacting WW System: Gold–Plated Modes

Neutralino Dark Matter at 14 and 100 TeV

Natural TeV-Scale Left-Right Seesaw for Neutrinos and Experimental Tests

Probing TeV Left-Right Seesaw at Energy and Intensity Frontiers: a Snowmass White Paper

Leptogenesis Constraints on the Mass of Right-handed Gauge Bosons

Ring Circumference and Two Rings vs One Ring

Single Ring Multibunch Operation and Beam Separation

Lattice Optimization for Top-Off Injection

High Energy Colliding Beams; What Is Their Future?

Wino-like Minimal Dark Matter and future colliders

Neutralino Dark Matter at 14 TeV and 100 TeV

The Higgs Portal Above Threshold

In Wino Veritas? Indirect Searches Shed Light on Neutralino Dark Matter

The Relic Neutralino Surface at a 100 TeV collider

Testing Electroweak Baryogenesis with Future Colliders

Electroweak baryogenesis

Discovery Mass Reach for Excited Quarks at Hadron Colliders

Sensitivity to new high-mass states decaying to ttbar at a 100 TeV collider

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K. Agashe, R. Contino and A. Pomarol, The Minimal Composite Higgs Model. Nuclear Physics B719 (2005) 165

K. Agashe, R. Contino and R. Sundrum, Top Compositeness and Precision Unification. Physical Review Letters 95 (2005) 171804

David Curtin, Prashant Saraswat, Towards a No-Lose Theorem for Naturalness

Jan Hajer et al, Searches for non-SM heavy Higgses at a 100 TeV pp collider

The ILC TDR Volume 4