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One of the nice things about my employer is that they have lots of web server capacity. So much so, that they are willing to make web space available to employees for non-commercial personal use. It is little if any drain on their resources and a very tiny percentage of the web traffic being served here. And it allows me (and my fellow employees) a chance to experiment with web page development and design.

Having thus set the stage, please realize that the pages you will find listed below are off-hours efforts. There is no assurance as to how long I will be able to keep these pages on-line through this URL. And the web pages may not be of professional caliber or using the fanciest of features. This is a sandbox where I am allowed to explore my interests, expound on my passions, and try out new web techniques with the expectation that if I fail, no one is hurt but me.


This page is a work in progress. I'm sorry but it is just not done yet. Frankly, I don't expect many people to visit this web page. The idea behind it is to give people an index if they try to see what other hobbies are documented in my personal web space. The pages that are linked to below are the ones that you are most likely looking for.

My Hobbies and pastimes

Sport Fishing

Those who know me would say that it is probably an understatement to say that I am an avid fisherman. I started fishing as a young boy, fishing a local pond just a couple blocks from my house, with a cane pole and worms that were dug up in my back yard. I was not a very good fisherman back then. But Bluegills don't care if your a good fisherman. They will chomp down on a hook even if you are putting bread or bologna on it.

Now as a grown-up, my equipment is more advanced (and more expensive) and my skills are more developed. I have the priviledge to teach a week of Outdoor Education each year with the sixth grade class from the school that my kids attended. I teach fishing the first half of the week and Archery the second half of the week. This let's me share my passions with young students. It is a tough call which of us has more fun that week.

In the last few years, I took my passion for fishing to a new level. I became an officer in the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance. I invite you to visit my Sport Fishing web page for all the details on my fishing interests.

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GPS and Geocaching

The page I have up now needs quite a bit more work. Would you care to be one of the early visitors with a chance to offer suggestions?

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Sport Rocketry

My son and I have enjoyed sharing an interest in model rocketry. We joined the rocketry club at Fermilab together. We have built rockets and launched rockets much bigger than any that I used to launch when I was a teenager. We have moved up to "Mid-power" rockets, the next step beyond model rockets. This qualifies us to say we enjoy "Sport Rocketry". I don't know if we will ever move up into "High-power" rockets, but anything is possible.

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Genealogy - Family Tree Research

Yet to be written.

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