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In addition to the links found on my Sport Fishing website, I offer the following jump list of interesting web sites. The contents of this page are changing constantly, so please check back again.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles. -- Doug Larson

Licenses and Regulations

I am sure all the states have sites like this. I'll bet someone (besides Google even) has links to all of the states. But I have the links to the states that I have visited to buy licenses from. On this DNR (Department of Natural Resources) pages, you will find info on buying your license on-line as well as current fishing regulations.

I highly recommend that you buy your license on-line. When you complete the transaction, you print a copy of your license right there. I print the license, directing the output to a PDF file. A copy of that file gets saved on my thumb drive, and then if I lose the printed license, I can simply print another one. For that matter, I do print at least two right away, putting one in my leader wallet that I always carry when fly fishing, and another in my equipment bag where I keep my spinning gear. Don't be caught without your license.

Local sites

DuPage County Forest Preserve District

Other NE Illinois locations

Chicagoland Fishing/Boating

Maps from TopoZone and Mapquest

USGS River Data

Wisconsin Fly Fishing

Fly Tying

Websites for Fly Tiers


There is a Google directory site for fly tying that has LOTS of links.

General Fly Fishing Sites

Fly Fishing - Topical sites

Not Just Fly Fishing

Most of these sites are put up by people I know, or would like to get to know.



Cool Stuff

Life Size Trophy Prints

I won't presume to be able to explain this better than Jamie and Mike. Please visit their website. These guys from have a new product you have to look at. They are called Trophy Prints. Looking at the pictures on their website is one thing, but if you are in or around NE Illinois, you should visit one of the places where they have sample prints up. You have to see the quality to appreciate what they offer. If nothing else, you should review their list of hints on taking the perfect fishing photo.

Practice CPR Fishing - Catch, Photo and Release. Then talk to about how to properly present your once in a lifetime photo.

Fishing Electronics

Local and On-line Shopping

Local Shops

On-line Shopping


Can't find what you are looking for? Well here is the shortcut to the best search engine that I've ever had the pleasure to use. If it exists on the Internet, Google can find it for you. For example, to locate information on how to tie a "clouser minnow", enter 'tying clouser minnow'. Works every time!


I must take this oportunity to compliment the folks at Google. The search available here is Google's "SafeSearch" box. With Google SafeSearch, sites and web pages containing pornography and explicit sexual content are blocked from search results. I do want to make my web sites family friendly.

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