SNAP projects.

SNAP space telescope

ECLIPSE plug-in

SNAP has adopted a set of rules developers should follow to generate new classes.

ECLIPSE SDK was proposed as a main development tool in SNAP.

To simplify the task of creation of new classes in eclipse, and automate part of developers job I have developed

a plug-in to eclipse. Several versions of the plug-in were developed, but the final and most practical version

is based on the TemplateGenerator.jar - a class developed by Gary Kushner. The curren version of the plug-in is

available from SNAP CVS repository in the form of zip file (snap.eclipse.template.plugin/

To install the plugin one should check out the last version of the zip file.

Unwind the zip file in the root directory of eclipse. This will add corresponding subdirectory to the plugin

directory. Then start eclipse and navigate to "HELP" -> "About eclipse platform" -> "Plug-in Details".

Check that you have the plugin "Snapclasses Plug-in" in the list of plug-ins and that the version of the one correspond to the version of

the downloaded one.

Click on "Window" -> "Customize Perspective" and check box at "Snap Wizards".

After this you are ready to generate SNAP classes. There are many ways to activate a wizard. The simplest way is to "right click"

on a project, or package and select a class type you want to generate. This will open partly filled form. Edit the form filling requared

fields and click "OK" - corresponding template class will be written in your package.

Pixel level image simulation

Another big project under way is a pixel level image simulation.