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Experimental Neutrino Physics at IIT

Group Members:


Bryce Littlejohn, Assistant Professor of Physics

I earned my Ph.D in 2012 at UW-Madison under advisor Karsten Heeger, presenting Daya Bay's first evidence of antineutrino disappearance and measurement of the neutrino mixing parameter θ13. I then worked at Fermilab on MicroBooNE and Daya Bay as a postdoc with University of Cincinnati under Randy Johnson. Before graduate school, I attended a small liberal arts school, Prinicipia College, where I was able to cultivate my interest in physics as well as in environmental studies and music performance.

While working on four neutrino experiments keeps me extremely busy, I find a some time outside of work for family and fun. I enjoy being outside hiking, biking, and geocaching around Wisconsin and Illinois. My wife and I also enjoy travelling and sampling/enjoying food and drink of most any kind, which we got to do a great deal of in my many trips to China to work on Daya Bay.

Chris White, Professor of Physics

Chris is a Full Professor in the Physics Department, as well as the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs for IIT. He has worked on hyperon CP-violation and neutrino oscillation experiments at Fermilab all the way from the 1990s through the 2010s. He currently serves on the Executive Board for the Daya Bay experiment. During his free time, he enjoys road biking and travelling the world (NOT on his bike).

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Karin Gilje

My path has bounced around the country from Oklahoma to Minnesota to New York, and now, to Chicago. After growing up in Norman, Oklahoma, I went to Northfield, MN for a double major in Physics and Math at St. Olaf College ('08). I make regular trips back to the area to visit friends and to help out at the yearly week-long Engineering and Physics Camp for Girls, which focuses on getting high school women interested in STEM subjects. I received my PhD from Stony Brook University ('14) under advisor Chang Kee Jung, presenting my thesis, "Neutral Current Single Pi Zero Interaction On-Water Rate in the T2K ND280 P0D." In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, running/biking/hiking/skiing/soccer, connecting to my Nordic roots, working at summer camp, reading books with my cats, playing video games with my husband and drinking hot chocolate with friends.

David Martinez Caicedo

David has been a postdoctoral scholar at IIT since 2014. He spent his time as a graduate student at Fermilab on the MINERvA experiment measuring neutrino-nucleus charged-current cross sections. David enjoys serving the physics community, having serves on the board of the Fermilab Graduate Student Association, as well as being the current Young Scientist Liason on the DUNE Collaoration's Institutional Board.

Graduate Students:

Rui An

I’m a third-year graduate student. Now I’m working at Fermilab on MicroBooNE which utilizes a large 170 ton liquid argon time projection chamber(LArTPC) . Currently I’m involved in investigating the behavior of low-energy electromagentic showers in the TPC, and in the development of cosmogenic muon tagging systems at LArTF.

Pranava Surukuchi

I earned my bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad, India in 2010. After working for a little less than an year as a Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services in Mumbai, India, I moved to Chicago to pursue my PhD in physics working on the PROSPECT reactor antineutrino experiment. Currently, I am actively working on R\&D, simulations and data analysis of PROSPECT experiment and its prototypes. In my free time, I like traveling, reading books, making origami models and solving puzzles.

Xianyi Zhang

I have been a PhD student in the IIT Physics Department since January 2014. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in physics in 2011 at University of Science and Technology, Beijing. Currently. I am working on R\&D for the PROSPECT experiment and am aiming to measure the absolute antineutrino spectrum from the HFIR highly-enriched uranium fission reactor. My work so far has consisted of hardware tests, simulations and data analysis of PROSPECT prototypes. I love trail-running and rock climbing in my leisure time. Judo is recent favorite of mine, but I have only been learning it for half a year. .

Undergraduate Students:

Alyssa Bowes

Coming soon.

Former Group Members:

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