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Selected publications list:

Journal Articles:

The SDSS Co-add: Cosmic Shear Measurement
H. Lin et al. ApJ 761, 15, 2012. arXiv:1111.6622

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Co-add: Cross-correlation Weak Lensing and Tomography of Galaxy Clusters
M. Simet et al. ApJ 748, 128, 2012. arXiv:1111.6621

The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Co-add: A Galaxy Photometric Redshift Catalog
R. Reis et al. ApJ 747, 59, 2012. arXiv:1111.6620

The Voronoi Tessellation Cluster Finder in 2+1 Dimensions
M. Soares-Santos et al. ApJ 727, 45, 2011. arXiv:1011.3458

The Sloan Bright Arcs Survey: Discovery of Seven New Strongly Lensed Galaxies from z=0.66-2.94
J. Kubo et al. ApJL 724, 137, 2010. arXiv:1010.3037

The Sloan Nearby Cluster Weak Lensing Survey
J. Kubo et al. ApJL 702, 110, 2009. arXiv:0908.1532

2DPHOT: a multi-purpose analyis environment for the two-dimensional analysis of wide-field images
F. La Barbera et al. PASP 120, 681, 2008. arXiv:0804.1175

Conference Proceedings:

Dark energy physics expectations at DES
M. Soares-Santos, TAUP 2011, J. Phys. Conf. Series, 375, 032006, 2012

DECam integration tests on telescope simulator
M. Soares-Santos et al. TIPP 2011, Phys. Procedia, 37, 1445, 2012

Cosmography with Galaxy Clusters
M. Soares-Santos et al. ICHEP 2008, arXiv:0810.3689

White Papers:

The Dark Energy Spectrometer (DESpec): A Multi-Fiber Spectroscopic Upgrade of the Dark Energy Camera and Survey for the Blanco Telescope
F. Abdalla et al. arXiv:1209.2451

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: Dark Energy Science Collaboration
A. Abate et al. arXiv:1211.0310