Current and recent research activities:

Aiming at cosmological constraints from galaxy surveys, I work on:

Galaxy cluster detection algorithm and cataloging
Mass measurements via weak lensing for nearby and distant clusters
Weak lensing cosmic shear detection
Photometric redshift catalogs
Deep wide-field survey image analysis software and catalog construction
Strong lensing survey (19 systems discovered so far)

When it comes to hands on data, I explore:

SDSS data, specially the 250 square degree area called Stripe 82 where by coaddition of repeated images we achieve 24th magnitude depth and detect more than 13 Million galaxies up to redshift 1.

Data taken by myself and my collaborators at telescopes such as the WYIN telescope, where I once got lucky and took part on the discovery of a beautiful asteroid/comet object, the P/2010 A2 (LINEAR).

In preparation for future data, I work on:

Galaxy cluster analisis using DES N-body simulation-based mock galaxy catalogs and catalogs resulting from the DES Data Challenge series of simulated images.

Integration tests and commissioning of the DES imager, DECam.

Aiming at a theoretical understanding of cosmological gravitational waves, I studied:

The power spectrum of gravitational waves in a dark energy dominated universe.