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TCL Ftp archives
Expect - Expect - Home Page
Directory of /
Directory of /afs/cs/project/mach/public/sup
Directory of /pub/tcl
Directory of /pub/xemacs
Directory of /tex-archive
Remote file
The Perl 5 Module List
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
Directory of /pub/tex/ctan


Snowball's C++ Source Code Archive
GNU Nana: improved support for assertions and logging in C and C++
Run II Computing and Software
Defects Project Home Page
KAI C++: Download Software
A Critique of C++, 2nd Edition


Directory of /linux/501/i386/doc
FTPWebLog 1.0.2
The GNU-Win32 Project
Welcome to The Tcl/Tk Consortium
Directory of /pub
WU-FTPD Resource Center
Directory of /pub/expect
SunScript Home Page
Directory of /pub/pundits
The html2ps home page
Npasswd reference manual
ML - A mail program for X and IMAP
#tex2html_wrap2538# User's Guide
Free X server for Windows and Mac
Directory of /pub/mirrors/packages/perl/CPAN//authors/Hartmut_Palm
SunScript Home Page
DDD - The Data Display Debugger
Malloc/Free Implementations
egcs project home page
Pentium Compiler Group
GNU Task List - Table of Contents - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
GlimpseHTTP home page
HTML to LaTeX (version 2.6)
Using check_* in sendmail 8.8
The GNU-Win32 Project Page
GNU Emacs for Windows NT and Windows 95
PGP Distribution Authorization Form

Quaker Stuff

The Religious Society of Friends
1997 FGC Gathering Links Page

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Search in Archie
Brad Appleton's Documents
Technical Library Master Flat Catalog List
CACM Search
CMU SEI Server
BAL's PGP Public Key Server
CS Document Search - Stanford
CSTR Start-up Kit
Communications of the ACM
FTP search'95 v3.0
Four11 Directory Services (SLED)



Calendar Home Page
Marc Mengel -- DePaul Homepage
Xiaoping Jia's Home Page
DePaul University -- School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems (CTI)
DePaul ISE ftp server

DOE/ESNET Bookmarks


Department of Energy Home Page
ESnet WWW Home Page



SAGE Home Page
League for Programming Freedom
Draft SAGE Code of Ethics
Free Software Union - Organization Homepage
NPR Home Page
National Performance Review Home Page
Projects & Working Groups
What is USENIX?
FACES Club Home Page
IEEE Computer Society
IOP Working Group
Serial Media WG Home Page
The Association of America's Public Television Stations (APTS)

WWW References


Uniform Resource Locators
Web Naming and Addressing Overview (URIs, URLs, ...)
HTML Reference Manual
Cache Now!
HTML Math Overview
Tools for WWW providers
Requests For Comments (RFCs)
Sixth International World Wide Web Conference
Protocols used in the World-Wide Web
RFC 1341 Table of Contents
Squid Internet Object Cache
The WDVL: The Virtual Library of WWW Development
HTML Quick Reference (8/20/96)
NCSA HTTPd Overview
Status of the W3C httpd
The World Wide Web Initiative: The Project

PC's For Sale


CNET The Awesomely Useful Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products
Yahoo! Business and Economy:Companies:Computers:Hardware:Peripherals:Storage
PC Catalog Gopher
University of Chicago Campus Computer Store
Welcome to Computer Shopper
DECdirect Home Page



Naperville Home Page
chigrp - The Chicago Area Local SAGE Group
Chicago Metropolitan Edition
Fox River Radio League
INTELLiCast: Chicago Weather
Yahoo! Chicago
The Chicago Tribune
University of Chicago Campus Computer Store



Symposium on Teaching Logic
List of Literate Programming Tools
Remote file
NASA Langley Formal Methods Program (07-April-1994)
Motivation for Formal Methods Research
Entry "VDM" in software engineering glossary
Documentation for the HOL Theorem Proving System
Remote file
Remote file
Top -- The Glasgow System of Literate Programming
Literate Programming Library
Newsgroup comp.programming.literate, Articles 1862-1881
comp.programming.literate FAQ


Index of /~mengel
bev's homepage
Mike Meyer's hypertext .plan and signature page

Operating Systems

Unix Haters Handbook
Plan 9 Index
Why Boycott Microsoft?


Fermilab Computing Division Forms
EMail list usage at Fermilab
Netscape Server Account
Fermilab Computing Division Product and Documentation Input Forms
UPD/UPR/UPP Reconstruction for Run II
rbio-daft working group
FUE Guide Review Worksheet
FermiTools Home Page
Fermilab Computing Division
Fermilab USS Unix Products Overview
Fermilab at Work
IOP Working Group
Proposal for Building V Versions of Products from CVS
BaBar HyperNews Forums
Fermilab Telephone Directory Main Menu

PalmPilot References

PalmVision presents WedgeTV
The WEDGE Ir remote control
Pilot-Unix mailing list archive
Mark's Pilot Page
The PilotZone - Your source for PalmPilot software on the 'Net!
Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group
PalmCentral.Com: Ray's PalmCentral Software Archive
3Com/Palm Computing
Directory of /pub/PalmOS
Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group


Yahoo! Finance - MOT
Yahoo! Finance - QNTM
Yahoo! Finance - SGI
Spamkilling Personal Interface (Tactical, Enhanced)
Yahoo! - News and Media:Television:Shows:Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror:Babylon 5
The Rant of the SubGenius
The New Hacker's Dictionary - Table of Contents
Z to Ada Refinement
Internet Chess Library
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The Tonight Show Headlines
Woodworking Tips

Personal Toolbar Folder

Prod Checklist

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
The TOAD-1 System
Happy Hacking Index
Write Your Representative - Lookup Representative
U. S. Senator Dick Durbin - Home Page
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Quick Reference to Cascading Style Sheets, level 1
CSS1 Properties Quick Reference Table
Tcl/Tk Code: Megawidget Library
MiniVend -- Powerful and Free
LTG software: LT XML
Plume & WWW
Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0
SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)
Steve Shapiro's ER4YT Home Page
Perl 98 Personal Profile
User Friendly: Cartoons/Archives
The FreeBSD 'zine: Welcome to The FreeBSD 'zine!
Welcome to