Python How-Tos for the Fixed Target Farm
  1. Path for the interpreter
    1. #!/local/ups/prd/python/v2_1/Linux-2-4/bin/python
  2. Setup a ups product
    1. sys.path.insert(0,"/fnal/ups/etc")
    2. import setups
    3. x=setups.setups()
    4. x.setup(" dfarm ")
    5. k = os.environ.keys()
    6. for i in k:   os.putenv(str(i),os.environ[i])
wget:  is a free utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web.

file-roller:  a neat utility for viewing archives (tarred and zipped, gzipped, etc.)

/etc/X11R6/gdm/gdm.conf --> change invocation of "X" to "X +bs" to allow backstoring
  (i.e. prevent paw windows from being erased)

CSH basics
  1. ${#argv} == the number of elements in argv
  2. @ n = ($n + 1) == enforces a numeric interpretation of variables
  3. while (  condition )  ...   end
CSH:File Operators -d file is a directory -e file exists -f file is ordinary -z file is empty -o-r-w-x you have (own,read,write,exec) permission
g3data is a program to read data from plots
JaxoDraw is a Feynman-diagram drawer