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A routine for onium decay

In PYONIA we have implemented the decays of heavy onia resonances into three gluons or two gluons plus a photon, which are the dominant non-background-like decays of $\Upsilon$.

\fbox{\texttt{CALL PYONIA(KFL,ECM)}}

to simulate the process $\mathrm{e}^+\mathrm{e}^-\to \gamma^* \to 1^{--}$ onium resonance $\to (\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}$ or $\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}\gamma) \to$ shower $\to$ hadrons.
the flavour of the quark giving rise to the resonance.
= 0 :
generate $\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}$ events alone.
= 1 - 8 :
generate $\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}$ and $\mathrm{g}\mathrm{g}\gamma$ events in mixture determined by the squared charge of flavour KFL, see eq. ([*]). Normally KFL = 5.
total c.m. energy of system.

Stephen Mrenna 2007-10-30