Dr. Frank J. Nagy

Applied Scientist at Fermilab Computing Division, Data Communications Department doing New Technology Investigations (the Technology group)


E-mail:    nagy@fnal.gov (or f.nagy@sbcglobal.net or fjn@frank-nagy.net)
Phone:    630-840-4935
FAX:       630-840-8208
Office:    Feynman 358 (currently)

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I graduated in 1971 with B.S. in Physics from Carnegie-Mellon University and
received a PhD in Physics in 1980 from California Institute of Technology.
Thesis titled:

A Study of the Reactions and  at =14 GeV/c using a Triggered Hybrid Bubble Chamber.

 Quotations included in my thesis, expressing my feelings about it and the world at the time:


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke
"When the end of the world is near, spend the remaining time in a bar."
Jack L. Chalker, from And the Devil Will Drag You Under

 Current (probably incomplete) list of publications

Current (probably incomplete) list of internal Fermilab publications

Notes on PingER host system and software

Started at Fermilab in January 1980 with the Accelerator Controls Group.
Worked on RFP for new control system, ACNET.  Designed network protocol for ACNET and major contributor to many other aspects of the design of ACNET.  System manager for central VAX systems.
Transferred to Research Division, Beam Line Controls Group.
Design and implementation of EPICURE, new beam line controls system.
Transferred to Computing Division at its creation.
Distributed Computing Department as sole member of Special Projects Group.  Later group leader of SPG.  We implemented the FNAL central mail gateway and the FNPRT central print server, supported printers during major phase-in of laser printers, system administration of the FNDCD local area VAXcluster and the FNBEE and FNBOP console systems.
Took over as group leader of the Distributed Computing Group which became the VMS Systems Support group when the Operating Systems Support department was split off from DCD.  Became group leader of CDF/D0 Systems Support Group which evolved out of the VSS group. Currenting in the Technology Group in the Data Communications Department.

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