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MiniBooNE (E898) | Fermilab MS 309 | PO Box 500 | Batavia IL 60510

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I'm also Associate Professor and Chair of the Physics Department at Saint Mary's University of Minnnesota.

Saint Mary's University | Department of Physics | 700 Terrace Heights #32 | Winona MN 55987

VOX: 507.457.1532 | FAX: 507.494.6035 | SMUMN home page here.

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Click here to see a pdf version of an article from Beam Line on DONuT and MiniBooNE

Norton Nabs a Nu! lives here (pdf file) or here (FNAL VMS Streaming Video).

QUARKNET TEACHERS: ppt files from 6/23/04 FNAL presentations are here (neutrino intro, 19Mb) and here (Norton, 2Mb).

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Logos, logos, logos [click on image to enlarge; email me for .ai files]:

logo 1: MiniBooNE Exotics
logo 2: MiniBooNE Cross-sections
logo 3: FINeSSE
logo 4: Fermi Linux

Some posters I've designed [click on image to enlarge]:

displays for Lepton/Photon 2003 tours (emphasis on MiniBooNE beamline + detector):

poster 1: protons
poster 2: neutrinos
poster 3: events

General introduction to MiniBooNE:

poster 1: What's a neutrino?
poster 2: Recipe for a neutrino beam
poster 3: The MiniBooNE detector
poster 4: Neutrino mass and oscillation

(Illustrations from these four posters appeared in the 2003 National Research Council booklet Neutrinos and Beyond: New Windows on Nature;

click here to see a pdf excerpt from that monograph.)