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What's Light

This is a system of 35 pages about light created for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.
Every page has a common appearance. Start with the main imap picture with 4 links.

These links lead to the home page of Fermilab, and the three major groups: the classical, relativistic and quantum descriptions of light.

Each group has its links presented by rollover images


When the cursor is over an image, it changes color. Furthermore, the full title of the selected page appears on the yellow bar .

If the cursor is not in the active region of the rollover images, the title of the current page is the default for the yellow bar link. For longer pages, we put the same yellow bar on the bottom of each page as well.

To go to the next page, either select the desired destination by using the rollover images, or use the animated arrows

that point to the next and the previous page.
The title of the current page appears between the animated arrows and the yellow link bar.

What's Light

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