Dr. Pushpalatha (Pushpa) Bhat

Senior Scientist
Particle Physics Division
Office of the Director
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Batavia, IL 60510

Adjunct Professor of Physics & Graduate Faculty
Northern  Illinois University, DeKalb , IL

Curriculum Vitae

Current Roles/Activities:

Deputy Head, Fermilab Program Planning
Board of Directors of the American Physical Society (APS) & APS Council
Secretary, International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) and Linear Collider Board (LCB)
Member, CMS Experiment (LHC@CERN)
Chair, Fermilab Colloquium Committee
Co-Chair, Fermilab 50th Anniversary Colloquium Outreach Committee
Member, Fermilab CMS Research Associate Mentoring & Recruiting Committees
Member, Fermilab Strategic Planning Team for Acclerator Science
Chair, APS Forum on Physics & Society Events Committee

Previous Leadership Roles:

Member, US CMS Resource Allocation Advisory Board
Advisor, US CMS Program Management
Member, APS Governance Committee (2013-15)
Co-Chair, HEP Community P5 Rollout Campaign Committee (2014-15)
Co-Chair, Higgs Celebration on Capitol Hill Organizing Committee (2012-13)
Co-Convener, DPF Snowmass Science Community Outreach Sub-group (2013)
Co-Convener, CMS Machine Interface Group (2010-12)
Leader, CMS Radiation Simulations & Tools (2006-12)
Chair-line, APS Forum on Physics & Society (2010-14)
Project Manager & Head, Fermilab Run II Luminsoity & Reliability Upgrades (2004-06) Deputy (2003-04)
Leader/Coordinator, Dzero Global Detector and Data Quality Monitoring, (2001-03)
Offline Analysis Coordinator, Dzero AFE Commissioning (2000)
Convener, Dzero Run II Muon Software Group (1998-2000)
Founder/Convener, Fermilab Run II Advanced Analysis Group (1998 - 2003)
Leader, Dzero Top Mulitvariate Methods Group (1994-97)
Head, D0 Production/Reconstruction Database & Tools (1993-96)
Co-Chair, D0 Computing & Analysis Planning Board (1992-94)
Leader/Coordinator, D0 NW Test beamlines (1990-93)

Professional Organizations

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Fellow, American Physical Society

Profile at Energy.Gov

Previous Experiments:
DØ @ The Tevatron
E-735 (QGP search)
E-743 (Charm hadro-production)
E-597 (Hadron-nuclear Interactions)
630-840-8302 (Office)
630-406-9077 (Home)
bhat@fnal.gov , pushpa@fnal.gov\

My old web page is at Pushpa's D0 Home page