MiniBooNE Mineral Oil
Technical Specification

VERSION 2 - 7/18/01

Required Oil Properties

This is the technical specification for the Light Mineral Oil (Industrial NF grade) to be purchased by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL). The quantity needed is 959,900 liters (253,600 gallons) when measured at 55o F.

The oil must be certified by the manufacturer to have the following properties:

In addition to these three properties, the oil must meet the following specification:

FNAL will test for compliance with this last specification. Only oils that meet the previous four specifications will be considered.

Additional Properties That Will Be Considered

All oils, whose properties meet the preceding four specifications, will be evaluated on the basis of the following properties (listed in decreasing order of importance):

Preferred Shipment Method

The mineral oil must be shipped in food grade containers cleaned and dried prior to filling. Preferred method of shipment would be rail tankers to the FNAL railhead. Tankers will be offloaded sequentially in about 4 days each. An alternative method of shipment would be truck tank trailers. Such trailers would be offloaded in about 8 hours.

Final Acceptance Criteria

The final oil, when delivered, must have the same properties (density, viscosity, color, attenuation length, reactivity, index of refraction and dispersion, and amount of scintillation light) as the the sample submitted with the bid. The bidder must state how much variation can be expected between the bid sample and the final product for density and viscosity.

Prior to shipping, the vendor shall draw a sample from the bottom of each rail car and perform the following tests per ASTM methods listed:

The test results must be faxed to the site manager at FNAL prior to shipping. Each car is to be sealed and the seal numbers shall appear on the bill of lading. A certificate of analysis shall accompany each tank car.

Once at Fermilab, the oil in each container will be tested again to make sure that the oil delivered is similar to that submitted with the proposal. Should any container's oil significantly deviate from the proposal sample's properties, that container will be rejected. It will be the vendor's responsibility to pick up the rejected oil and replace it.

Should the vendor request it, FNAL is willing to discuss testing the oil at the vendor's site prior to filling into containers.

Ideal Oil Properties

The ideal oil would have a specific gravity in the upper portion (> .83) of the range specified under "required properties" and a viscosity between 12 cST at 40o C (70 SUS at 100o F) and 18 cSt at 40o C (100 SUS at 100o F). For oils with the same specific gravity, we would opt for the lower viscosity. Long attenuation lengths for blue, purple, and near ultraviolet light is of paramount importance to us.