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[6] The top quark is the last to be discovered quark in the Standard Model theory linking all sub-atomic constituents. Researchers have searched for it in physics experiments for some eighteen years. In April 1994, evidence for it was announced by the Fermilab CDF and D0 Collaborations. In March 1995, CDF and D0 announced its discovery.

[7] For example, in March 1993, one experiment's private unpublished meeting minutes requested collaborators to store material in the experiment's VAX Notes electronic "conference," a vendor-specific, platform-specific, system somewhat like a bulletin board. By June 1993, the experiment's minutes had announced V1.0 of the experiment's "Documentation System," a WWW Server and implied the demise of VAX Notes. The sense in the announcement was that merely of setting up another channel of collaboration communication-of little relevance to the laboratory Directorate and the laboratory's public posture.

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