Hello, AusWeb95, from Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois, USA!

I am pleased to be participating in your conference, virtually.

David Ritchie, 7:04 pm CDT, April 30, 1995

Discussion Session

A discussion session was held after the talk, which occurred during 10 am - 11 am, Monday, May 1, 1995 (Ballina Beach Time). David Ritchie participated via a speaker phone at the conference hotel in Ballina Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

Question: Could you draw out the topic of the tension between Command and Control versus Education and Empowerment?

Response: I guess it started with thinking about this as a theme for the nineties and re-interpreting various things (elections, etc.) in terms of it. Management understandably wants to exert appropriate command and control over a communication mechanism as prominent and powerful as the web. Yet, the web was invented to help collaborations-something more akin to education and empowerment.

As a webmaster, I spend a lot of time trying to negotiate between those two demands for the technology.

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