1. Collaborating over the Web: Libraries and Laboratories
    1. Introduction
    2. Laboratory Web Architecture
      1. Goals and Implications
        1. Goals for the overall organization were:
        2. Goals for the home page itself were:
        3. Some implications of these goals were:
      2. Content and Structural Drivers
        1. The role of the Laboratory Directorate had to be recognized:
        2. The role of the web in the life of experiments and their support had to be recognized:
        3. The role of the home page in presenting information to the public had to be recognized:
        4. The relationship between the home page and technical publication had to be clarified:
        5. The varied view points of those browsing home page had to be addressed:
      3. Effect of Drivers
        1. Fermilab top level page and immediate subsidiary pages:
        2. Collaboration and Support Group pages:
        3. Consequences:
    3. Library Web Architecture
      1. Overview:
      2. Goals and their Implications
        1. Immediacy of access to information resources:
        2. Relevancy, both in content and format, to reader and laboratory information needs:
        3. Centralization and marketing of Library resources:
        4. Empowerment of the Library staff to author their own web information sources:
      3. Content and Structural Drivers
        1. Reader Interest:
        2. Organizing the web:
        3. Hardware/Software Availability:
    4. Implications for Libraries and Library Administrators
      1. Involvement of the Library Staff in the Web Architecture
        1. Make Sure there is an Understanding of Basic Concepts:
        2. Encourage Interaction between Librarian Staff and Computing Professionals:
        3. Support the Provision of Continuous Training and Access to Developments in Technology:
      2. New Face of Library Services
      3. New Role for Libraries within Institutions and Communities
      4. The Next Phase of Library Automation
      5. Broader Implications
    5. Conclusion
    6. References
    7. Hypertext References
    8. Footnotes