The Realized Promise of Networking

One of the most dramatic illustrations of the realized promise of networking can be seen by touring information made available through World Wide Web (WWW).

WWW is a global information system available through the Internet. Developed at the European High Energy Physics Laboratory CERN beginning in 1989, WWW was created to allow information sharing within the internationally dispersed teams of large collaborations of high energy physics experimenters and to make possible the easy dissemination of information by support groups who work with those collaborations. It has become much more than that.

Before you begin your tour, note the following things:

A Sampler of the Information Harvest In...


What is commerce doing? Click here.


What about science? Click here.

The Arts

What about the arts? Click here.

Education and Libraries

What about the areas of Education and Libraries? Click here.

And On and On...

There are many, many other places to explore. Click here to see some of our favorites.

David J. Ritchie, 9 September 1995. Updated 6 September 2001.

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