Matrix Implementation at Fermilab

This presentation was made for the ADRA Midwest Users Group Meeting held May 15, 1996 in Schaumberg, Illinois. It concerns our implementation of the MISCOMP Document Management sub-system via the product Matrix from ADRA Systems, Inc. Note that we presently have Version 3 of Matrix and are expecting Version 4 shortly.

The meeting was organized by ADRA Systems, Incorporated. (Now, Matrix One.) See the ADRA web page (Matrix One Web Page) for further information about ADRA (Matrix One).

The Presentation

The original Persuasion presentation has been converted to GIF images in both thumbnail and full size formats for ease of viewing over the web. For best viewing, click and hold the link (under Netscape, anyway) until a menu appears. Then, select "New Window with this Link".


David J. Ritchie, May 20, 1996. Updated September 6, 2001.
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