Make L3 Trigger Code Release Process More Efficient

Project Assignment Summary


Constructed by David Ritchie from rough notes made by Ruth Pordes (i.e., all errors are DRís)


Meeting between R. Pordes, A. Boehnlein, and D. Ritchie

January 4, 2001



We will revisit the status in 3 months. Agreement for the project is for 1 year at this time.


Project Parts:


  1. Help with Windows 2000 releases of D0 Level 3 trigger code.

a)      understand the current release procedures.

b)      identify problems/gotchas and produce a list.

c)      support releases and be able to add packages to the Level 3 releases.

d)      transition support for Level 3 releases to D0 support person.


  1. Look at alternatives to the current release procedures (cygwin, srt,etc)

a)      CTNTBUILD - a Gordon product

b)      Document proposal for more robust, easy to use,maintainable version of NT build procedures.

c)      Arrange review and discussion of how to implement the proposal.


  1. Provide help and support to users as they move their packages from Unix to the Level 3 Windows 2000 release.

a)      Identify and document what is needed to have a working platform for this work.

b)      Evaluate webbuilder (a Gordon product).


Other notes:


a)      Andy Haas will provide any necessary C++ consulting.

b)      Once Dave understands and has evaluated Gordonís products, we will arrange a meeting with Gordon to discuss the implications and support issues.

c)      ISOCXXX, ZOOM builds. We will revisit this at the 3 months status meeting.