I  Rules of Play:


1. USGA Rules: The rules of golf as promulgated by the United States Golf Association will apply except when superseded by the rules stated below.

2. Local course rules: All local rules listed on the scorecard will apply.

 A majority vote of a given league's captains, or their representatives, may modify where and to what extent the above rule applies. The modifications of this rule is valid from the time of the majority vote until the end of league play for the current year or until a majority vote of the given league's captains, or their representatives, rescinds the modification, which ever comes first.

3. Lost ball: A new ball may be dropped with a ONE STROKE penalty. The drop area should be as near as possible to where the ball was seen to go. If any question of placement arises, mutually agree with your opponent. This applies to all lost balls, including those in the fairway.

4. Ball hit out of bounds: The player may elect to drop a new ball within two club lengths of the POINT OF EXIT, no nearer the hole, with a one stroke penalty, OR use the stroke and distance penalty. When the ball lands in a water hazard, see USGA Rule 26-1, Relief of Ball in Water Hazard, for clarification.

5. A provisional ball may be used if a ball is believed to be lost in a water hazard

6. Etiquette to promote faster play

   * Please call your opponent if you will be late/absent.

   * Limit your practice swings to a maximum of three (3).

   * If your ball is within a putter's length of the cup and
 you won't interfere with another player's line, putt

7. When in a sand trap and there are holes that naturally should not be there, you are allowed to pick up the ball, smooth the area and roll the ball back into the trap. You are NOT allowed to remove the ball from the hazard. But you MUST notify your opponent BEFORE you pick up the ball, and both of you should agree on the move.

8. Tall Grass: If the ball lands in tall grass you can either play it where it lies or you can drop a ball two club lengths from point of entry into the tall grass with a one stroke penalty (no closer to the hole). 

9.  On Hole 1 at Bliss Creek Golf course,  if a ball crosses over the water hazard on the right side of  Hole 1's green or fairway, the ball is considered out of bounds and Rule 4 applies.

II  League Play Format

1. The low handicap player of one team will play the low handicap player from the opposing team. The second low handicap player will play the second low handicap player, etc. To encourage faster play, each player must only wait for his/her opponent before Teeing off. The course management encourages foursomes, but they need not be from the same team.

2. On opening night, a player will use his/her previous year's season handicap. In the case of new players, opponents will be assigned arbitrarily and that night's handicap will determine the match opponents, the new player receives a handicap based on that round only. The second and thru the fifth round of play, the handicaps will be calculated from the scores of the present season's round and the previous season's handicap. For succeeding rounds after the fifth round of play, handicaps will be calculated from the scores of the present season's rounds only, excluding the previous season's handicap.

3. A player's average, after the fifth round, will be determined by the averages of the three (3) middle scores of his/hers five (5) previous scores. The high and low scores will be thrown out. The fourth week the high score will be thrown out and the fifth week the low score. A player's handicap shall be computed from the formula
((Average  -  Course Rating) * (113 / Course Slope) * 90%)).

4. The annual tournament will use the season's average, as applied to the respective tournament site course and slope rating to determine handicap, finish order and for award of prizes.

5. Annual Playoffs: Eliminated, the final outing will be an awards outing only.

III Scoring

1. Twenty (20) points maximum can be awarded per team match each week. Two (2) points per team member in Stroke play and two (2) points for Match play. Four (4) points for low net Team play.

 A. Low net player per Stroke play is awarded two (2) points. Each player receives one (1) point for a tie.

 B. Each player may be awarded two (2) points for Match play (low net per hole). Each player, one (1) point for a tie.

 C. The low net team receives four (4) points. In case of a tie, each team receives two (2) points.

 D. Total team points for the match is computed as the sum of the points awarded the team based on the team net
 score plus the points awarded the individual team members for player match results.

2. No Shows:

 a. If a player has no opponent at his scheduled tee time and has not heard from his opponent or the opposing team as to the missing opponent's intentions, then the player may declare the absent opponent a no-show and tee off with his group as scheduled. If a player is going to be late and communicates with his opponent (either personally or through his teammates) his intentions to arrive and play within the Fermilab scheduled tee times, then the next scheduled tee times should be substituted until the late player arrives, at which time his group should tee off following the schedule as closely as possible.


        Play the match and add two (2) strokes to your handicap when computing the scores.

        Use the opponents average as his/her score.

        You receive two (2) Stroke play points if tie or lower net score than absent opponent (an absentee cannot receive any points).

        You receive two (2) player Match points automatically, no matter what score you shoot.

        Note that the opponent was absent on the score sheet.

        A new player who does not have an established average will receive the league average for the night, to determine position and team net.

 B. To encourage player matches, if your opponent is on the course BEFORE THE LAST GROUP TEES OFF WITHOUT PRIOR
 APPROVAL when you arrive, you will treat your opponent as a no show. His/her score will be disallowed.

3. Any player not completing his/her round for any reason, other than for a bona fide emergency, shall forfeit player match and team points to the opposing team. This includes the USGA Rule about a player who does not putt out on a hole. The three remaining players can only win player match points. Note: The players of the forfeited team who play, their individual points will count towards their team's total points for that week.

4. If FEWER THAN TWO (2) players from the opposing team are present, that team forfeits all four (4) team points, and the team that shows will receive two (2) points automatically and must earn the other 2-team points. Players whose opponents are absent compete for player match points using the usual No Show Rules. Note: The players of the forfeited team who play, their individual points will count towards their team's total points for that week.

5. In the interest of fun and fair play, anyone who feels that his/her opponent has done something to merit stroke(s) penalty or disqualification, must call his/her opponent on that BEFORE they tee off on the next tee or before they leave the green on the last hole. This is to prevent someone from calling his/her opponent on a penalty after they find out they had lost the match or team points.

6. Score cards will be turned into the league scorekeeper. Each league for collection will designate a place. NO SCORE = NO POINTS.

IV Rain outs / Delay

1. Golf course closed. Play is canceled.

2. Golf course open:

 a. Before 70% of the players have completed play:

                        * Go to the clubhouse

                        * ***NOTE*** No players shall play in the presence of lightning.

                        * ***NOTE*** Team captains or their representatives shall decide by majority vote of those making up a
                        quorum whether to start, resume, or cancel play.

* ***NOTE*** A quorum shall exist when 70% of the teams not yet finished are represented, and 20 minutes has
                        passed since the rain began if play has started,
 whenever 70% of the teams are represented prior to 5:20 P.M. when play has not yet started.

            b. After 70% of the players have completed:

                        * Go to the clubhouse.

  ****NOTE*** No player shall play in the presence of

                        * Scores of those who have completed play will count.

 ****NOTE*** Those players who wish, may resume play
 whenever able, if only one of the two opponents
 resume play, the other forfeits.

                        * If it is not possible to resume play, unfinished
                        player matches are forfeited.

                        * Note forfeits on score sheet.

V Golf League Members

The members of the Fermi Golf League MUST meet one of the following requirements.

1. Full and part time Employees of Fermi Lab.

2. Graduate students, summer students and visiting associates and Users.

3. Work for a contractor or sub contractor that works at the lab.

4. Retiree from Fermi Lab.

5. A member of the "immediate family". With "immediate family" defined as a member's spouse, child, parent,  foster parent, brother, sister, parent-in-law, grandparent, or grandchild.

6. The above stated rules would apply to any player who was not an active league member at the conclusion of the 1990 Golf League Season.

VI Substitutes

Bliss Creek league has a pool of substitutes that the Team Captain may draw from or provide another is so desires.

The Substitute's average will be determined the first night they golf, unless they have an established average from last year which then would be used.

The Substitute can play in any position from A to D player, depending on their average.

The Substitute's average cannot be used for No-Show. Their average only counts when they play.

The Substitute must meet the qualifications for Golf League Members; section V.

Since the substitute may not play a full season they do not have to pay the entrance fee a regular player does. If they choose to play in the final outing they will not get a prize unless they are substituting for their team.

Captains should know ahead of time when a substitute is playing for his team. He can then let the other team know a substitute is playing, and who will be playing whom.

If a team is in need of a substitute or substitutes on the Final Position round at the end of season, he must:

     a.  Have played a minimum of 4 rounds in Bliss Creek League, or

     b.  Have played a combination of 5 rounds between the Bliss Creek League and other Fermi Sponsered Leagues.

Those averages at the other Fermi sponsered leagues will be accepted and made part of the formula to determine that
person(s) average and handicap.

VII Golf League Committee

1. Members

 a. The Golf League Committee is made up of league golfers, two members from each of the 4 leagues.

 b. The term is for 2 years and alternated such that only one new member per league is elected each year.

 c. Elections are held at the annual AWARDS OUTING/banquet.

 d. Nominations shall be submitted prior to the banquet.

 e. Each league will have two (2) committee representatives.

2. Purpose

 a. To provide a format to handle disputes not fully satisfied on the night of play by the opponents and/or
 team captains.

 b. All disputes that reach the committee will be handled ASAP, at least by the time of that league's next round.
    The committee's decision is final.

 c. To organize the league's AWARDS OUTING and banquet and special events if time permits.

 d. To provide a list of replacement golfers for a team that has lost a member. Teams need not use the
 replacement list.

 e. To provide a format to handle proposed rules changes. Committee members will poll their team captains and
 reflect their majority opinion when voting. Each night's committee members will have one combined vote,
 simple majority rules. For revisions to old rules, ties will keep old rule as is. For new rules, chairman will
 break ties.

VIII Awards

Players who miss more than four rounds will be ineligible for Low Average or most individual points won by a golfer.