Isolated galaxies in SDSS DR1

  • As a first step towards understanding the effect of interaction on pair or compact groups is to identify a sample of isolated galaxies.
  • A simple method of identifying isolated galaxy candidates has been applied by Karachentseva (1973) .
  • She selected all galaxies in the Zwicky catalog whose nearest neighbors, within a factor of four of the same diameter, lie further than twenty diameters away. Then she compiled her catalog from work with prints of the Palomar Sky Survey.
  • This earlier effort for identifying uniformly isolated samples is limited to B=15 and there is no known deeper sample yet.
  • The goal of Sloan Digital Sky Survey is mapping one-quarter of the entire sky and obtaining spectra of galaxies, quasars and stars. On April 8 2003, the first major SDSS Data Release ( SDSS DR1 ) was made public to the astronomical community.
  • I used Karachentseva (1973) on the SDSS DR1 data and identified 2980 isolated galaxy candidates also see Table (1) .
  • The paper is available here.
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