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  • The purpose of the project is to define a unique set of conventions for supersymmetric extensions of the Standard Model together with an accord specifying generic file structures for 1) supersymmetric model specifications and input parameters, 2) EW scale supersymmetric mass and coupling spectra, and 3) decay tables, to provide a universal interface between spectrum calculation programs, decay packages, and high energy physics event generators.

(conventions, definitions)
SLHA Read/Write Utilities
  • pySLHA - a Python-based reader, writer and plotter of SLHA and SLHA2 files.
  • SLHALib - a FORTRAN library of routines for reading, writing, and manipulating SLHA and SLHA 2 files.
  • SLHAea - a C++ library for SLHA input and output (requires the BOOST C++ headers)
  • SLHAio - a C++ library for SLHA input and output (under development)
  • The SLHA read utilities in SusyLesHouches.h and in PYTHIA 8 have been written so they can be used standalone (independent of the rest of PYTHIA 8) and can be recycled for other purposes.
Spectrum Calculators:

Decay Packages:

Relic Density Programs:

Event Generators / XS Calculators:

Other Tools Repositories:

Additional Resources
Example SLHA files
Example Codes
  • main76.f: example how to use an SLHA spectrum file with Pythia, to generate supersymmetric processes, in this case stop1 pair production events at LHC; the run requires an external file with a SuSy spectrum calculated by an external RGE code, like "softsusy.spc" generated by SoftSusy.
  • ISALHA.F: F77 stand-alone spectrum output routine for ISASUSY. Includes bug-fix for ISAJET v 7.71. (C. Balazs).
  • ISALHD.F: F77 stand-alone decay table output routine for ISASUSY. (C. Balazs).
  • LHAISA.F: tentative SLHA2 spectrum and decay package reading routine for ISAJET. (C. Balazs).

Related Projects
 The structure of the Accord was discussed / will be discussed at:
  • Apr 10: Updated links to codes. Added SHERPA. Removed ISAJET from list of event generators (obsolete).
  • Jan 08: Included link to SusyBSG
  • Dec 07: SLHA2 released: arXiv:0801.0045
  • Dec 07: QNUMBERS published in BSM Generator Interface writeup [arXiv:0712.3311]
  • Sep 07: SLHA arXiv version updated -> v3.
  • May 07: Included links to SLHALib and SLHAio
  • Feb 07: Included most general NMSSM potentials
  • Feb 06: hep-ph/0602198 contains SLHA2 status report.
  • Jan 06: QNUMBERS. Tentative proposal for general resonance definition for SLHA2, described in PYTHIA update notes.
  • Oct 05: Tentatively adopted NMSSM conventions, cf. NMHDecay.
  • 15/09 05: Added EXPTAR(26): mA pole mass.
  • 08/06 05: Added ISALHD.F to examples.
  • 07/03 05: Added main76.f to examples.
  • 27/08 04: Final proofs sent to JHEP + arXiv version updated -> v2.
  • 08/06 04: New tentative draft awaiting publication in JHEP. Changes include a list of soft terms, MSOFT, an enlarged HMIX, an enlarged decay tables section and comments on other new physics models.
  • 10/11 03: hep-ph/0311123 released on arXiv
  • 14/10 03: Fixed hypercharge sign inconsistency and SU(3) triplet -> antitriplet in Ubar and Dbar superfield definitions in writeup. Added subsection describing SMINPUTS. Changed the order of terms in eq.(3).
  • 10/09 03: Fixed notation inconsistencies between the trilinear and bilinear scalar potentials, eqs. (3) and (5). Added reason for evading mixing angle language for sfermion mixing. Changed notation for Gunion-Haber neutralino mixing matrix.
  • 30/07 03: Revised draft after MC4LHC discussions.
    New: standard for input including non-universal models and set of parameters for SM boundary conditions. Yukawa and trilinear blocks changed. Possibility of Q grid for running parameters explicified.
  • 26/06 03: Added SoftSusy, SPheno, Isasusy, and SDecay examples above.
  • 23/06 03: Revised minimal draft.
  • 13/06 03: Added example F77 read/write routine for PYTHIA.
  • 09/06 03: New mininal draft: Les Houches summary, containing definitions for spectrum output and decay tables for minimal models. Input, extended models, and higher orders to be discussed at CERN.
  • 27/01 03: Added complex RPV couplings.
  • 10/01 03: Added definitions of neutralino mass and mixing conventions in the MSSM.
  • 12/08 02: Added entries in SIMS for NMSSM. Changed structure of SIMX with NMSSM-like scenarios in mind. Added SIRVI and SIRVO, dedicated to R-parity violation. Added entries for soft R-parity violating couplings.
  • 02/08 02: Added CFINAM and CFONAM for file input/output.
  • 16/07 02: Added particle content switch and changed numbering in ISIPAR.
  • 13/07 02: R-parity violation added. SIEW and SIGU replaced by SIPOUT. Phases added for mu, M, and A in SUGRA models. Left- and Right- masses added for 3rd generation sfermions in SIMS. Definition of sfermion mixing convention included.

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