Stephen Kent

Mostly at:Fermilab
Position: Deputy Head, Scientific Software Infrastructure Dept.
Head, SCD/Cosmic Frontier Dept.
Occasionally at: University of Chicago

Recent images

Solar Eclipse, Aug 21, 2017, near Elkville, IL

Filter: #11 welder's glass Filter: None

Totality. The sun has "set" at every point of the compass.

Sun "setting" in East Sun "setting" in West

Recent Publication

(2018, PASP, 130, 4501) Non-axisymmetric aberration patterns from wide-field telescopes using spin-weighted Zernike Polynomials

Current Research Projects:

Dark Energy Survey

DES Resources:

Public websites:

  • DES on Facebook
  • Dark Energy Detectives

  • Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

  • Project to build a 5000 fiber spectrograph for the Mayall telescope at Kitt Peak, Arizona

  • LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope)

  • Public website
  • LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration

  • Former Research Project:

    Sloan Digital Sky Survey

    Note: Fermilab participated in SDSS I/II. The SDSS has continued with additional surveys since then.

  • Public website. Provides information and access to data from previous (as well as current) surveys.
  • Project Book - provides much technical information about the original design and implementation.

  • Observational Foundations of Cosmology

    A series of essays I wrote commenting on historical papers from the early years of cosmology.
    I have moved this material to its own page.


    End of the road: