Pokey SDSS Software Tools

Here is some of the software I have written to play with SDSS data. Typically these are quick & dirty standalone, UNIX command line programs which do not require any of the SDSS software environments.

  • sdssOBJfileReadCat

  • sdssOBJfileReadCat:

  • Description: An SDSS object file data grazer and ASCII table maker.
  • Platform: IRIX, IRIX64, OSF1, LINUX
  • Documentation: [HTML]
  • Command(s): sdssOBJfileReadCat
  • Version: 1.2.2 (14 December 2000)
  • Executables: [tar'd gzip'd]
  • Source: [tar'd gzip'd]
  • Compilation Requirements: Fortran 77 (e.g. g77), the CFITSIO library

  • Albert Stebbins
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