Chris Stoughton     Fermilab Experimental Astrophysics Group


In reverse chronological order

Fermilab g-2

Collaborating with Cornell to install the Kickers.

MKIDs astronomical detector

In collaboration with Ben Mazin's lab at University of California Santa Barbara, I work on developing and observing with the ARCONS camera and future implementations of MKIDs technology to study Dark Energy.

The Fermilab Holometer

A program to measure Planckian indeterminacy associated with unification. Please visit for a description of this experiment in quantum geometry.

Cylindrical Radio Telescope

Concept to map Hydrogen at cosmological distances using a CRT.

Joint Dark Energy Mission (via SNAP)

I worked on weak lensing, supernovae, and data compression for SNAP. This work will continue on JDEM.

Dark Energy Survey

DES uses a camera built at Fermilab, the DECam.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey

A comprehensive map of the Universe; versions I and II are complete. Version III and BigBOSS continue.

Fermilab E769: Hadroproduction of Charm

When hadrons hit nuclei, are charmed particles created near the surface or throughout the nuclear matter?

Brookhaven E776: Neutrino Oscillation

Observing neutrino oscillations implies the neutrinoes have non-zero mass. E776 was not sensitive enough to see this, but decades later, other experiments have seen and are pursuing the phenomenon.

Nuclear Science Laboratory at ND

Working in the nuclear science lab in Nieuwland Science Hall, I learned about experimental physics and plumbing.


Fermilab's First Physics Slam

I enjoyed presenting "Holography of the Universe" at the Fermilab Physics Slam 2012. Fermilab Today has an article about the slam, including a link to a video of the event.

Saturday Morning Physics

I have condensed Cosmology to a two hour lecture for high school students, for the Fermilab Saturday Morning Physics program. Here is version three, now with gravitational waves.


I'm the mentor for the Fermilab/University of Chicago Quarknet Center. We have two teams of high school students and teachers helping us with our research, and will host a master class to Experience the Expansion of the Universe in August.

Astronomers Observe

A video from the Friends of Fermilab, at their Second Symposium on the Nature of Science in June, 2002.